Credits to: "1 players" for this guide.

Welcome to my Fishing guide, This guide will hopefully tell you anything you need to know about the fishing skill. So let's get started.

How to get there. First take about 10k out of your bank, then talk to the location master, then places, then fishing guild. When you're there, trade Roachey. Buy the following items: Lobster pot, Small fishing net, Big fishing net, Harpoon, Fishing rod. With all of them in your inventory, head over to the first fishing spot as you can see on the map below.

Next up the levels and exp. Of course I did some of the calculations for you, to get some idea of what it would take for you to get the desired level.

(All fishing spots for lvl 1-81 are located by the South-East river near Edgeville West Bank)

Shrimps - 200xp - level 1 - Small Fishing net

Anchovies - 800xp - level 16 - Small fishing net

Lobster - 1800xp - level 40 - Lobster pot

Swordfish - 2000xp - level 50 - Harpoon

Monkfish - 2400xp - level 62 - Small Fishing Net - 62 -> 76: 418 Catches

Shark - 2200xp - level 76 - Harpoon - 76 -> 99: 5318 Catches

Sea turtle - 2400xp - level 79 - Big Fishing net - 79 -> 99: 4682 Catches

Manta ray - 5600xp - level 81 - Harpoon - 81 -> 99: 3873 Catches

That's all for now, It's short but I'm sure it has all the information you need.

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